Saint-Petersburg is a unique city-museum under the open sky! You will fall in love with that most beautiful, romantical and atmospherical city !



Information About SAINT-PETERSBURG


Saint-Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great at 1703. The best Italian, Russian, French architects worked in the construction of “Northern Capital”. Gorgeous palaces, graceful cathedrals, strait avenues, elegant bridges – each and every landmark amounts the resplendent the city of Peter the great.

The second-largest city of Russia, consider the Culture Capital. In addition to the visiting palaces and embankments, the most popular tourists entertainment is photoshoot with drawbridges during the white nights.

National Russian currency is Rouble(code RUB). All payments are made in roubles.
There are a lot of banks and Currency exchanges where you can buy roubles, or withdraw cash. You can pay by card almost anywhere.

Moscow time zone.

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