Planning your trip

Russia – is the world’s largest country with 11 time-zones and 4 climate zones. You can choose a destination or category of tour according to a season, duration and type of holiday, which you want to spend – review tours with excursions, beach resorts, winter entertainment or other. All our programs are marked with basic categories to help you with deciding. Be sure to check with the weather forecast to get dressed correctly.

Visa support

All foreigners need a Russian visa for visiting Russia. Main types of visas – tourist visa, visitor’s visa, business visa.

To obtain each type of visa, you must present a list of documents to the Russian Consulate in your country, among which must be an invitation. Tourist invitation – To obtain the tourist visa, you need a tourist invitation, which includes 2 documents – hotel voucher and guarantor confirmation with its requisites and detailed program of stay. It’s used for less, then 30 days of duration.

For business visa guest needs a Business invitation.

These set of documents contains a personal official letter issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The letter should contain official seal, legal address of the agency, signature and name of a person, officially authorized to invite foreigners to Russia.

If you come to visit your friends or relatives for personal visit, then you may get a visitor’s visa. To obtain this visa, you need a personal invitation certificate from a person living in Russia. This person should go to a local OVIR office, get an application form, fill it in and submit to immigration officials for consideration.

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Medical insurance

You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while travelling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. Latest updates on vaccinations can be obtained from your local clinic or hospital.

Visa Requirement

When applying for a visa, you will need to present medical insurance. It should be valid in all Russian territories and cover whole visa period.

Medical insurance compensates expenses caused by an unexpected illness or accident away from home:

Expenses for ambulance, hospital and medical treatment and medicines;
Delivery of patient to the country of living;
Accommodation and living for the person who accompanied the insured;
In case of fatal accident — expenses for burial abroad, or returning remains to the homeland.

Currency and payments

All the payments in Russia are made in rubles – cash and by card. If you need cash, you can use currency exchange at any bank or withdraw cash from ATM. Exchange rate is almost the same.

In every supermarket, shopping center, cinema or wherever you go to spend money, you can pay by card (visa and Mastercard). We suggest to buy some cash for tips or souvenir shops.

Travel Day

On your travel day, make a list of the things that you need to bring along- luggage, passport and tickets. Also, mark all your bags inside and out with your name and address – both home address and your holiday address. To be on the safe side, weigh your bags to ensure you don’t exceed the baggage requirements of the airline. Travel insurance is becoming a must, so do consider getting one because you do not have to worry if your bags are lost or if your flight has been cancelled or even if your passport and wallet is stolen. It is always best to get yourself and your family covered as mishaps do happen when travelling.

You do know that it is possible to travel with hand-luggage only, rite? Just that you will need to know the airline rules for carrying liquids, otherwise you may have to remove them at the security checkpoint! In order to handle jet lags, stay hydrated by drinking lots of plain water during the flight. Avoid tea and coffee.